F,A,Q & Choosing a Stonemason

Points to note when choosing a stonemason

1.   As a direct importer of modern Granite Headstones, if you buy directly from me you “cut out the middle man!”

2.  I personally carry out all work from start to finish and therefore can guarantee that all works are carried out to my highest standards ensuring honest and competitive pricing and quality products.

3.  I also have the knowledge and skills to inform and advise the customer on every aspect of their requirements.

4.  I am a legitimate company with a modern workshop and state of the art machinery, fully insured and registered with relevant local authorities.

What is a memorial?

A memorial is a lasting tribute to a departed loved one.

In Ireland traditionally families wait till a year has passed after the funeral before they erect a headstone and surround.

This lets the ground settle and also it takes time to think about a headstone, it can be upsetting doing it straight away.

It can also take several weeks from order to completion.

Overall time frame for stock headstones 2 to 4 weeks.

For special order headstones 8 to 12 weeks

For commission work. eg. in Irish limestone, locally sourced sand stone and exotic granite colours 12 to 14 weeks

A meeting or consultation can be arranged by contacting me. This can be done at graveside or in my workshop or in your home.

 Do I need permission to erect a headstone?

Yes you do!

Cemeteries are either owned by the County Council or local Parish and they have rules and regulations in place for erecting a headstone. A permit to erect a headstone is required in most cases.

The stonemason will apply for a permit on your behalf and only when permission is granted can work be started on the grave.

There are usually height restrictions as well as other guidelines. These are available from your County Council but your stone mason should be able to guide you through this to help you make your choice.

In order for your stonemason to apply for a permit he must be registered with the appropriate authorities and have sufficient insurance in place. Permits can take up to 6 weeks in some parts of Ireland, so allow plenty of time. Permit prices vary from €60 in Galway €150 in Sligo and up to €480 in some parts of Dublin.

 How soon after a burial can I erect a headstone?

There is no designated time limit in place for when a headstone can be erected.

Some cemeteries say not to carry out work for 28 days, some Cemetery headstones can be erected immediately if appropriate foundations are in place. Some cemeteries have concrete foundations in place for the headstone surround to sit on, so you can erect a headstone immediately. It is not advisable to concrete over the full grave for 12 months until the dig area has settled completely.

You should arrange a site visit to the burial plot with your stonemason who will advise you on appropriate time frame .

 How long does it take to erect a headstone after ordering?

Once permission has been granted you can proceed with the headstone, and depending on how busy your stonemason is, and the style of headstone, it can be erected and finished within two weeks. Many people will choose certain times of year to erect headstone for example first anniversary day or birthday

Once decided on a style of headstone and completion date the process is

1 I get the permit on your behalf

2 Concrete foundations are put in place

3 Headstone shape ready for lettering

4 Full computer design for approval on lettering

5 Once lettering is approved it is carved and gilded in gold or colour chosen

6 Headstone and surround delivered and erected in the cemetery

7 Decorative stones or synthetic grass added to finish

8 After erection full polishing stone and check of every detail before contacting clients to tell them the work is complete.